Life of a Toy Designer: Mandy and Cindy Meyer of Fox & Moon (English)

Fox & Moon

Amanda and Cindy Meyer are the proud owners of the South African brand Fox & Moon. It all started when Mandy (short for Amanda) was pregnant with her daughter Willow. She couldn’t find companies in South Africa that were offering trendy upmarket nursery décor. It was then that she realized this was a gap in the design industry. Curious what happened next? Read this interview with Fox & Moon.

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When did you know you wanted a career as a toy designer?

From small children we both were very creative! We are sisters if you didn’t know already 🙂 I (Amanda) would always be tinkering away at my mom’s sewing machine, making anything from tea towels to doll clothes. And then Cindy is just a natural artist! She would have so many drawings and paintings finished and unfinished scattered in her room!

So once I (Amanda) had kids we combined our creative powers and came up with Fox and Moon.

How do you work? What is your workflow/process?

We usually come up with an idea, scribble it down, chat a bit about it -how we can make it act – and then we begin the production process. We print and sew a lot of our products ourselves.

How are the toys made?

They are 100% proudly South African. We source only the best fabrics in South Africa and then we print directly onto this fabric using eco-friendly 100% baby safe inks! Something we do pride ourselves in. And then, as mentioned before, we then sew up the items ourselves.

How many new products do you design/ create each year?

We are constantly creating new designs. With digital printing advancing so much it’s so easy for us to get our designs out to the public.

Some examples of Fox & Moon products (go shopping!)

As a Toy Designer, what do you believe is your best asset?

We think because we are constantly striving to remain eco-friendly and purely South African, it keeps us ahead a bit. We also have a great partnership between ourselves as business partners. Being sisters helps a lot and we understand each other more than anyone else would!

How do you come up with new inspiration?

We live in an incredible city – Cape Town – where inspiration is everywhere. It is known as an artist’s playground. So it’s not hard for us to be inspired.

How do you deal with creative mental blocks?

We call a business meeting at an amazing spot in the city center or along one of the many breathtaking beach views and after a glass of wine, inspiration hits! We also support each other greatly so when one hits a block the other one inspires.

What part of toy design do you find most difficult?

Because we design and create all our items ourselves, it does become extremely disheartening and frustrating when we see other companies copying our designs. With so many people trying to make a quick buck they completely undermine what small eco-friendly companies like ours are trying to do. But in the end we know in our hearts we are doing our best.

What is your favorite part about toy design?

We love love love seeing our customers’ pictures! Seeing the joy of the kids clutching onto our pillows or a pregnant mommy showing off her newly designed nursery makes us so proud to be a part of this journey!

Who is testing your toy designs before it goes to market?

We test all our products ourselves. We pre-wash all our bedding and blankets to make sure our customer receive a good quality product. We also let my kids (Amanda) play around with a few and put them through the mess test 🙂

Fox and Moon

On what design you are most proud of?

We are extremely proud of our monochromatic Cactus pillows we have become known for. Here in Cape Town we have parts that are very arid and cacti are everywhere. We also have a specific type of cactus and that is the one that is in our design. Proudly South African.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

We would love to become even more eco-friendly than what we are. Slowly moving all our packaging to be 100% recyclable.

Is there anything else you want to share with us?

We are so proud to have you as one of our stockists! The support we have received from international shops have just been incredible! So thank you so much!

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